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Jeffrey F. HAMBURGER, « Medieval self-fashioning, Authorship, authority and autobiography in Seuse's 'Exemplar' », The visual and the visionary. Art and female spirituality in late medieval Germany, New York, Zone Books, 1998, p. 233-278 : 27 fig.

Jeffrey F. HAMBURGER, The visual and the visionary, Art and female spirituality in late medieval Germany

p. 233-278 : 27 fig.


Chapitre de livre

ICO. X 1939 (4°)

Publié auparavant dans 'Christ among the medieval Dominicans. Representations of Christ in the texts and images of the order of Preachers', éd. Kent Jr. EMERY and Joseph WAWRYKOW, Notre Dame (Indiana), University of Notre Dame Press, 1998, p. 430-461.

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